Vintage Brown Leather, Wax finish, Solid Brass Hardware, Furniture pull, Custom Made to Order, Square Ends, Plain Border, Edges Slicked


Shipping to United States: Free

Color: Vintage Brown leather (wax crackle finish)

Style: modern, plain border, edges finished and slicked

Installation: A single handle comes in three parts (2 brass bars, two screws, one leather strap with a single hole in each end). The screw goes through the drawer, through the leather and into the brass bar. A single screw for each side. Hold the bar in place while tightening the screw from the back. Once the parts are in place, adjust the positioning of the bars so they are exactly perpendicular. Then tighten to secure them in place.

Leather- 1 1/4" wide with varying lengths, single piece of leather at about 3/16" thick
Brass hardware- 1/4" x 1/4" x 1 1/4", single screw on the backside, edges are antiqued and top is polished, made in-house and custom

Hardware screws- Please specify the thickness of your drawer or base material which matches the proper screw length. Thank you for helping me send exactly what you need.
Leather- Length measurements are taken from between the hardware screw holes. Measurements are from the center of hole to the center of hole in base cabinet material.

Custom orders are available.

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